Anti Aging Body Treatments

Slimming, trimming and firming; All without a scalpel? Yes Please! If you read my blog about Beaute Medispa, you already know that it is an aesthetic spa in Saint-Lazare, owned and run by Maria Balasco.

Slimming, trimming and firming; All without a scalpel? Yes Please!

If you read my blog about Beaute Medispa, you already know that it is an aesthetic spa in Saint-Lazare, owned and run by Maria Balasco. If you haven’t had the chance to read that blog yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!? Oh sorry.. I probably shouldn’t yell at my readers.. But if you want to know more about her and her lovely Spa you can get to it here. Buuuuut… It’s ok if you read this one’s full of great information too! 

In my previous blog, I highlighted the benefits of getting a full facial done. Which, by the way, you should totally do, as it made my skin feel so great! Anyway, this time I would like to tell you about the amazing science that exists to help with skin tightning, and cellulite reduction. Don’t hate me, but I don’t have much cellulite (Thank the lawd for small mercies!), but HOT DAMN do I have a baby pooch that is soooo hard to get rid of, it’s like my muffin top has a muffin top! My belly can give a bowl of jello a run for its money. No matter how many crunches I do, or cauliflower rice I eat, that extra skin (and obviously some fat…) just looooves me.  That’s my problem area. Maybe you have another? Whatever it may be, Beaute Medispa offers a variety of non surgical body treatments that can help. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather give this science a try, rather than go under the knife with a plastic surgeon. And luckily for us, the technology now exists to offer us a non invasive, and highly effective alternative! Full disclosure, I did the Endermologie by LPG treatments a few years ago, and I did lose a few inches, and the skin on my belly tightened quite a bit. I was so happy with the results that I was very excited to do them again, and this time BeauteMedispa now offers Slimwave. Another treatment that I am hoping will provide even better results than the Endermologie by LPG treatments alone. 

Here is a quick rundown of what happened during my first visit.

Let me start by saying that the Spa is located in Maria’s home, which makes it warm and inviting and frankly, less weird that you get practically naked. Hehe.  In order to ensure that the wand rolls smoothly over your body without pulling on your skin, you will be wearing a tight, white, stretchy bodysuit. It’s VERY sexy…Just kidding, avoid the mirrors at all cost. I had a pretty good laugh when I saw myself, and you can laugh too. (Trust me you will, its unavoidable – you will look like an oddly shaped marshmallow with arms and legs, or a walking Q-Tip, depending on your body type, either way it’s hilarious…but I digress!) 

Once you are settled, Maria will roll the wand over your target sections. It’s actually quite pleasant, and feels like a massage. Endermologie is essentially a work out for the skin and provides a variety of benefits.

It helps in reducing cellulite, improves skin elasticity & collagen by stimulating fibroblasts cells, reduces edema (water retention), activates dormant adipose tissue and produces healthy cell tissues. Basically, it tightens and smooths down the skin. In the same way that a Lymphatic massage is beneficial to your overall health, so is this! With the added bonus of helping with problematic skin issues. Win Win!  

The second treatment I had and will continue to do is the Slimwave technology. This treatment uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation. It targets the muscles to strengthen and reinforce the structure of your body while promoting blood circulation. The soothing electro-stimulation treatment is beneficial to all muscle groups because as it breaks up fat and speeds up the metabolism, it also tones and firms areas like the abdominal muscles, glutes, legs, thighs, arms, and waist. Also, as it is combined with an infrared therapy blanket,  it helps eliminate toxins and excess body fluid retention. I definitely suffer from bloating, and water retention – to the point of increasing a dress size around my waist – this treatment helps my body eliminate those extra fluids, and it feels great!  

BeauteMedispa also offers an Infrared Sauna .. This hot box is also great to reduce bloat, and sweat out all the toxins that the LPG treatment helped move out of your muscles.( And perhaps the bottle of wine from the night before?? HMM just me??)  The spa offers free Sauna use with any treatment session, or you can ask to pop in with some girlfriends for a quick session.. Maria is also a certified massage therapist, so why not visit the spa with a friend, book a body treatment, or massages and jump in the sauna for some heat therapy. This is especially fun to do during our 17 months of winter! Bring your favourite book or magazine and take a moment for yourself, while imagining that you are on a beach somewhere. Ahh bliss!!

I took some pictures a few weeks ago, and will show you the results once I am done my treatments…  So stay tuned for those! 

In the meantime, I hope this information was useful. Personally, I am so happy that this technology exists. I couldn’t imagine going in for surgery, so for me, this is a fantastic option.  She offers extremely competitive pricing so it’s definitely worth it for you to check it out!! 

AND If you mention this blog (Living in the burbs BLOG 10) she will even offer you a 10% discount! YAY!!!

If you want more information on both the Endermologie by LPG and the Slimwave treatments, feel free to contact Maria Balasco by visiting her BeauteMedispa website or her facebook page

Happy sessions 🙂

Lilly xoxo