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Has your inbox blown up with e-invites to baby showers happening within the next few months? Maybe you even received an actual printed invitation via mail? KIDS under 20 reading, this is a piece of

Has your inbox blown up with e-invites to baby showers happening within the next few months? Maybe you even received an actual printed invitation via mail? KIDS under 20 reading, this is a piece of paper shaped like a square or rectangle, in an envelope, and people use pens to write on them – by hand- and then mail them to people using that business we call Canada Post! HeHe

 Here is a fun fact for you; According to stats Canada, the months with the highest birth rates nationwide fall in August and September. 

In fact, September 16 is the most common birthday of the year. If you do the math… Like I did of course… That means that A LOT of folks are finding creative ways to stay busy and warm during Christmas break… HMMM I guess I can relate. Another fun fact; My husband and I actually learned of our pregnancy ON Christmas Day! (The result of too much wine after my annual girls bake off evening at the beginning of December…TMI??)

ANYWAY… getting back to the subject at hand, given the influx of invites, as well as upcoming births, I thought that I would do some research for you all and find some fun and different kinds of gifts you can offer to the new baby. As always I support local so if you are in another province, and think one of these ideas are cool you can; 

1. Order anyaway, some of these businesses ship nationally! WOO HOO!


2. Maybe there is someone local near you that can offer the same type of product or service, so try that first before going through a big box store!

In no particular order of favouritism, and of course without any prompt via bribery.

I chose these companies because I have either bought from them and know their products or really appreciate their service or product, as well as the women behind them! As always, these are my own opinions and those cannot be bought. Unless it’s like a million dollars.. then my opinion is definitely up for grabs…Just sayin… 

Too Much Kisses Custom Gifts

If the parents to be have divulged what will be their little bundles name, then you can surprise them with an original gift they will want to keep forever. Joanna Michaels, owner and creator of these beautiful custom products, can turn an everyday, regular gift into a cherished momento. I particularly love her beautifully embroidered stuffed animals, blankies or onesies as they will make the perfect gift for any new baby! Who doesn’t like a personalized or custom gift that is unique to them? Don’t have their name or birth info yet? No problem! She can add in a cute design or a quote personal to the family as well as the names of the parents. Or you can offer them a gift certificate so they can order what they would like 🙂

Turnaround time is 10-14 days and they will ship nationally! You can contact her via Facebook page Toomuchkisses

***As a side note, I just wanted to add that Joanna and her family went through a horrible ordeal that thankfully has a happy ending. On April 3, 2015, her third baby was prematurely born at 26 weeks. As you can imagine, being that little, it was a strenuous battle with intensive, and specialized care, to ensure he would be a healthy and strong little boy.  After a long 3 months in the NICU and an added 2 week stay on the inpatient floor, they were discharged with little Chase still on 0.25 litres of oxygen. She and her family will be forever grateful to the entire team at the Montreal Children’s Hospital for saving his life, and taking such great care of all of them during this difficult time. To show her appreciation, a portion of all of her sales are donated to the Montreal Children’s Hospital. On top of that, every year she and her family hold a lemonade stand, and donate all proceeds to the Hospital. Should you want to donate to her cause, you can click on this link. It will be open until the end of August.***

Catherine Ledoux Photography

We all know that every moment is precious with a newborn. They develop and change so quickly. Help that mom and dad ( and really the whole extended family) capture the miracle that IS a newborn, with a special and memorable photo shoot that will help solidify this fleeting moment in time. Most parents, me included, don’t think about getting this done, and then regret it in the long run. I tried to get some pretty newborn pictures of my Brie and here is what happened. Poor Brie.. She was fine BTW.. just not too pleased.

Yep… I can definitely say that I will stick to what I am good at and leave the photography to a professional! Catherine will come to your home to take the pictures and for $225, you get an hour long session, as well as 10 photographs!  Contact her via her Facebook page Catherine Ledoux Photography

Capella Diaper Cakes

Maybe you are thinking about getting the mom to be a variety of “must haves” that we all need with a new baby. Yes! Be the person that gets the nose tube sucking thing.. We are so grateful our friend bought us that.. Is it Gross.. Yes.. but is it useful? Hell YA! But, just cuz its practical doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty!

Ditch the old dollar store gift bag and contact Capella Diaper Cakes! 

Valeriya (owner and Diaper cake-maker) builds and delivers beautiful Diaper cakes that will make your present THE showstopper on the gift table!

Although they come with a standard of select items, they can also be customized if you want to add other products. A basic cakes starts at forty dollars, and comes with a pair of baby socks, small shampoo, some toys, diapers, a pacifier and onesies.  

Valeriya delivers to Montreal, the South Shore and to the West Island. 

To place an order please contact her via her Facebook page  CAPELLA DIAPER CAKES

Maddie Bow Co.

These adorable handcrafted bows are a must have for any little princess or prince! With a large variety of patterns, textures and colors to choose from, you can help get that new little bundle picture perfect ready! Each bow comes attached to a super soft and comfortable nylon headband, or on an alligator clip! Your choice! Brie loved her little head band and it didn’t seem too tight or to bother her at all as she played! MOM WIN!

Does the new baby have an older sibling? Why not include them and order matching bows?  Looking for a specific pattern? Chrissie (owner and bow maker) is happy to oblige! Take a look at her handy work on her Facebook page Maddie Bow Co. You can send her a DM to place an order or you can reach her via email. 

Farmhouse Decor MTL

Farmhouse Decor MTL offers a large range of hand crafted, hand painted wooden art pieces, decorations and small furnitures.  Whether it’s a book box, a name sign, a name puzzle or simply a beautiful decoration for the nursery, you cannot go wrong with anything from this local company.  

I’ve dealt with them first hand and can attest to both the amazing customer service, and the quality of the product! They made us a beautiful 3D name cut out for Kate and it was the perfect addition to her room.  

Check out their Web page Farmhouse Decor MTL for inspiration, and if your party is just around the corner, they offer gift certificates and ship nationally AND to the USA!

Now that you have these amazing options, all you have to figure out is which to choose from! I’d say your best bet is to order one thing from all.. Just kidding!

In a seriousness , you can’t go wrong with any of them. They all offer beautiful, original and heart warming gift ideas and by supporting them, you are supporting local families.

Have you bought from these companies before? Do you know another local company with a cool baby gift idea that can be promoted too? Leave a comment below!

xoxo Lilly

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