I’ve had the typical issues that plague most people, associated with working at a desk all day, sitting in car for long periods of time, having bad posture and surviving pregnancy. (My third pregnancy caused horrific sciatica)

I’ve lived with back, neck and shoulder pain, and horrible sinus issues. I’ve been plagued by restless legs at night and shin splints. To be honest, these days I can get a back spasm by just brushing my teeth or putting on my socks.. I have tried many holistic approaches to help these issues and thought I would share the good ones, in the hopes that they might be able to help you too!   

Clinique Myo-Santé is located in Vaudreuil and has a few specialists. It is tucked away in a building, making it a quiet and zen experience.

Sophie Bergeron – Massage Therapist – I have been seeing Sophie for over 5 years ( I followed her to three different places.. She’s THAT good!), her hands are pure magic and she really helped me with my back/shoulder/neck ailments. She has a great technique that will tackle your knots and then leave you relaxed by the end. She offers a variety of different massages, and is a certified Massage Therapist and Naturopath. Also, she is co-owner of the clinique Myo-Santé.

Acupuncturist Sophie Levac – She helped me with sinus pain, lower back pain, and restless legs. You can contact her through her facebook account here. Acupuncture is often a forgotten method of healing. You would be surprised at all the different ailments/issues it can help!

Independent Specialists

Osteopath Ann-Julie Dugas – She was such a great help in my sciatica and restless legs, as well as shin splints. Also, she offers in home services for a convenience fee. She came to me when I wasn’t able to travel and I loved it!!  

She worked with the Cavalia show, (as an Osteopath for the team.. Not with the horses) and also worked with professional golfers from PGA, LPGA, on the european and asian tours. If anything, talking about her worldly experience makes the time she is poking and prodding you much more interesting!

Her facebook page is here.

Or You can reach her by email at

Massotherapie Janet Ross

If you are looking for an amazing massage therapist in the Hudson area, or one that will come to you (for a small convenience fee), you must contact Janet! Her home ( where she sets up the table) is inviting and warm, right in the heart of Hudson. She is extremely passionate about helping people feel their best. Being a Massage Therapist is her second career. She left the corporate world of I.T., to spend her twilight years helping others. You can learn more about her services here .

Sonia Lamothe – Intense Pulsed Light Hair removal In Saint-Lazare

Sonia was kind and knowledgable and very honest about how IPL works. I can’t wait to do more hair removal treatments.. She is obviously passionate about helping people as she is also a certified Osteopath.. Get to know how she can help you by contacting her via her facebook pages.

Visit her facebook page to contact her for an appointment Nova Skin