Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Let’s face it ladies.. Dads can get the short end of the stick when it comes to father’s day gifts. In my experiences we tend to get them something that WE want them to have..

Let’s face it ladies.. Dads can get the short end of the stick when it comes to father’s day gifts. In my experiences we tend to get them something that WE want them to have.. Like a new juicer so he can start making smoothies to get healthier (which then stays hidden in a pantry), or something not too fun.. Like orthopedic insoles because he complained that his knees were sore from playing golf. (I’m sure he LOVED those!!)

It’s not that we don’t WANT to pamper them.. It’s just that Men can be hard to buy for! Right? Right!!  Don’t panic.. I am here to help! So forget the typical gift of a new tie or golf related paraphernalia this year, it’s time to upgrade to a better option;  One that shows him how well you know him, and will show him that you put thought into what would make him smile.

By the way, I’m guilty of getting my dad some just “ok” gifts too, he’s got everything he “needs”. One year I got him a new bicycle seat.( queue the sad trombone tune here; wah..wah. wahhhhhh). But it was gel.. And in my defense he loves to bike and his was all torn up! Anyway, this year,  I definitely I need to up my game so I did some research. I was able to source some pretty awesome ideas that are sure to show that dad in your life how much you appreciate all the little things that he does for you and your family.. And since we all may have a few dads to spoil, I found some gift ideas that won’t break the bank.  

Viandes et Plus in Hudson QC.  ( If you aren’t from here, try to find a local farm to buy from instead of the big box stores, local farms rule!)

For the Dad that loves to cook (or eat);

Here you will find homegrown, hormone and antibiotic free meats : Pop in to this grocer/butcher where you can get meat and meat products from local farms! Besides the typical carnivorous delights, they also sell rabbit, creton, blood sausage, smoked meat, pizza, puffs, dessert pies, chicken pot pie, meat pie, maple syrup, honey, marinated beets, ketchup and coffee. Pay them a visit and surprise dad with a homegrown meal for Father’s Day!

Monat for Men

For the dad that likes natural products and may want thicker, healthier hair.

Monat is a naturally based product that simulates our own natural oils to help awaken dormant hair follicles. A combination of 17 botanical oils come together for stronger more resilient hair.  The Monat Black for Men offers a variety of products that smell amazing, and will help reduce that receding hairline.. Not that he HAS one..

Dad is bald and beautiful? No problem!! We also have a shave cream, after shave and a beard oil!! (PS..Ladies, I use the shave cream for my legs and it helps reduce irritation, it moisturizes like crazy and I’ve seen a slower hair growth because of its special blend of naturally based ingredients!)

I use all the Monat Products and ADORE them..and my husband and father both love it as well. If you want more information you can send me an email at blog.living.ca@gmail.com or visit my website at Monat will Lilly

Mosquito repelling Clothes

For the outdoorsman in your life;

Outdoor mosquito repellent shirts and clothing From L’Equipeur (Mark’s Work Wearhouse)

Finally someone has come up with this concept! Nothing ruins a camping weekend like scratching your own skin off due to a bug bite! And let’s be real.. No matter how much you spray yourself.. One little guy will get through and bite you where you least expect it!! Try this line of clothing and enjoy your stay in the wilderness!!
Shop instore or online here

A sharp Idea.. Dollar Shave Club

For EVERY DAD – let’s be honest.. Men are hairy..

Let’s be real, most dads settle for the bare essentials when it comes to personal grooming. Give the dad in your life a full and easy upgrade with all of the shaving basics (shave butter, razor and blades, post shave cream) plus everything else he’ll need for the day’s ablutions: toothpaste, face and body wash, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, wipes and hand cream. Order by June 11 to ensure delivery by Father’s Day.

My husband and I take part in this and it’s the best thing since sliced bread.. The blades are amazing and we get it in the mail. So we never run out!

You can set him up for smoothness here

Men’s Health Magazine subscription  –

For the dad that loves the gym.. Or loves food but WANTS to love the gym

Give him something to do on the can besides play games on his phone. hehe

Offer dad a year subscription to a magazine that offers tips on weight loss, muscle gain, and eating healthy. Why not give him something to do on the “Throne” besides play with his phone.

You can order a subscription here.

Engraved Hammer

For the “Fix it” Dad

Farmhouse Decor is a local company that makes beautiful signs. They can engrave anything you want on a hammer! This is original and useful! They can also make custom signs but you’ll need a few more weeks.. Contact them directly on their Facebook page.

Farmhouse Decor

These are just a couple of ideas, as you know there are many.  With facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, we certainly have a lot of ideas to choose from, it’s picking the right one for that special dad in our lives that makes it hard!  Hopefully this blog will help with that, and I absolutely hope that you look towards local business owners as much as the big box stores; Many of your friends, family or neighbours sell products.. Support them this Father’s Day.. win win for all!!

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