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Fancy and Fun New Year’s Eve Party Ready! Ok so its the Holidays, and you volunteered to throw a party – but there is just one little snag; you still haven’t lost all that baby

Fancy and Fun New Year's Eve Party Ready!

Ok so its the Holidays, and you volunteered to throw a party - but there is just one little snag; you still haven’t lost all that baby weight and do not fit into anything that would be decent to wear. Or, you haven’t had a baby, but still find that all of the dresses you own are so Passe! How can you be the “ Hostess with the Mostess” while wearing something from 2003??

I can’t possibly be the only hysterical women out there yelling at a pile of clothes on the bed - prior to an event- saying “ARGHH I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!”  (sidebar - did you also see your poor husband - out of the corner of our eye, slowly retreat back downstairs lest you turn your frustration onto him?? Smart man..hehe)

Not sure about you, dear reader, but I don’t typically need to dress up very often. That being said, it would still be nice to feel fashionably relevant when I do. Plus, with the invention of Facebook and Instagram and ( shudder - the selfie obsession) wearing the same gown twice isn’t that easy to get away with anymore.  And if you are anything like me, the need to have a Kardashian worthy closet, just isn’t in my future, or price range. Sure I’d love to have gorgeous gowns and shoes to wear to fancy parties, but let’s be honest - we don’t live in a soap opera or on the set of Gossip Girl ( seriously though, does anyone else wonder why they have so many balls in those?) And running around to  X amount of stores to buy a new dress, for the occasional event or the chance that another special evening might pop up, just isn’t appealing; to my time and my wallet.

Sure I have that dress I wore to So and So’s wedding a few years back after the last baby, or the little black dress I wore clubbing (years ago) that’s kinda stretchy...but must still be relevant right? (Maybe with some extra strength spanks and duct tape I can squeeze into it?) Or the three or four pieces that just don’t fit the same anymore (three kids later) but that I will keep because you never know when I’ll get gastro and lose a few pounds… UGHH I am right?

But your event is just a few days away and you need to find something… QUICK!


Also, the Beyonce 5 pound weight loss “cayenne pepper and lemon water diet” will not do the trick at this point- so you need another plan.

This new Spotlight Blog is about Anne-Marie Tabao - and her ecological and wallet friendly fashion forward shop -

La Jolie Robe

Anne-Marie has always had a passion for fashion, and had thought about opening up her own business, for years. She lived most of her life in Montreal, however, has been living in the Vaudreuil-Soulange area with her husband, and now 3 year old son, since 2017.  Within the past few years, she started thinking about and how she could take her passion to the next level. As a busy, working mom, jumping into a new endeavour full force was a bit daunting. (And stressful when you have bills to pay!)

But, knowing that she wanted to do something related to fashion, she did her research and learned that dress rental shops were few and far between in this area, and as an added bonus; was something that could be done part time, for now.

Last year she made the decision to chuck away her apprehension, and took steps to making her dream of having her own business a reality.  There was a gap in our market, and simply said, she filled it...with silk, cotton, linen.. chiffon and sequins! When asked why she went this route, as opposed to starting a fashion line or going into retail she says “I wanted to provide a service that caters to all women and instills confidence and body positivity and that is also environmentally friendly.”

Thus, in April 2019,  LA JOLIE ROBE was born.

Her business model is founded on three pillars - providing women an alternative to costly retail choices, offering an ecological solution to shoppers, and extending customers the opportunity to make some extra dough on dresses that would otherwise be sitting in their closets through her consignment program.

From household brand names to high end dresses; Le Chateau, Laura,  Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Vera Wang, Alexis; La Jolie Robe has over 1200 outfits that range between a size 00 to 24 - in a myriad of colours, and styles, with new models coming in weekly!

I spent an hour with Anne-Marie last week to find a dress for my New Year’s Eve party. And it was all so SIMPLE! No stress, no driving from store to store, and no dent in my credit card!! She had sent me a few questions beforehand, asking about my size and the style I prefered, so that once I got there, she had pulled about 10 different dresses that I could start with! Within minutes I was living my own version of a fashion show sequence designed for cheesy teen movies or rom-coms - minus the music and/or typical cowgirls outfit.  In any case, she offered a hand with the zippers, let me peruse the racks least I see other options, and offered honest advice on how each dress looked. Overall, a fantastic experience!

So, whether you are tired of wearing that same old number to every event, or are a few more rounds of gym short of fitting into the gowns already nestled in your closet, I am here to tell you that we DO have options- and they are LOCAL! If you have a wedding, a prom, or a special evening/event in your future, I highly recommend going this route!

For more information you can find La Jolie Robe on social media, and can contact Anne-Marie for an appointment; Facebook , Instagram

Email : [email protected]

Phone:  (514) 518-5414


As a quick reference, Prices range depending on the initial cost of the dress.
Please contact La Jolie Robe directly for additional info.

Cocktail dresses usually between 45-70 at the exception to high end dresses.

Long dresses start at 70

Wedding dresses between 350-750

Rentals are 3 days long: picked up the day before the event and returned the day after.

XOXO Lilly

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