Spotlight The Main Kitchen

I am very excited to present to you my very first Restaurant Spotlight, The Main Kitchen. You will find this gem in the heart of the quaint little town of Hudson, QC.  The restaurant is

I am very excited to present to you my very first Restaurant Spotlight, The Main Kitchen. You will find this gem in the heart of the quaint little town of Hudson, QC.  The restaurant is located inside a charming building that it shares with other retailers, right on the Main street. (Hence their clever name :)).  They have an elegant dining room, a convenient pick up counter with ready made meals, and they cater events as well. No matter which option you choose, you will not be disappointed.

If you choose to dine in, their intimate and stylish atmosphere envelopes you with a modern chic, yet cozy decor that gives off Downtown Montreal vibes. The entire staff exudes a cheerful liveliness that makes you feel like you are dining at a friend’s house. (The BYOW helps with that too :))

The menu, which has enough of a choice, but not too many options to be overwhelming, offers a twist on authentic Italian dishes, by offering an eclectic mix of gourmet Tapas. The kitchen is in plain view and if you are lucky enough to reserve a seat at the bar, you can watch the magic happen right before your eyes. Head Chef Tino, Sous Chef Jay, and “Chef de Partie” Travis work together in happy harmony, creating stunning dishes that are both a feast for the eyes, as well as your belly.

In order to help you fully appreciate your next experience at the Main Kitchen, how about we get to know the co-owner and head Chef, Sabatino Morganti, AKA Tino, a little bit more?

As you must know, the food industry is one that is often demanding and volatile. In order to create a long-lasting career, you must be both resilient and passionate. This year, Chef Tino will be celebrating 33 years in the culinary arts, since graduating from the I.T.H.Q (Institute de tourism et d’hôtellerie du Québec) in 1989, proving that he is indeed both.

When I asked him about having the opportunity to own his own place, and landing in Hudson  he replied “ I always wanted to be independent and in control of my own resto & kitchen, had a few experiences, some successful some not, but it was out of chance that we ended up in Hudson. Marie Jose ( his partner and Co-owner) and I were driving through Hudson on a sunny Sunday, and saw the signs in front of the building “ A LOUER” , so we gave a call and left a message, within a minute we received a return call, which brings us to today.”  I call that Fate.

Lucky for us, he brought his impressive resume to Hudson where the menu and chic ambiance personifies his extensive experience in mainstream establishments. Working his way up the kitchen counter, Tino has been a Chef in well known Montreal Hot Spots (to both locals and celebrities) such as BuonaNotte on St-Laurent Street (I’ve been there!) and DaVinci Restaurant on Bishop.  After living the nightlife for a few years, he wanted to experience a different type of kitchen, thus he moved on to the Hotel Industry. Of a very well known 5 star and 4 Diamond rated Hotel, he says “One of my biggest accomplishments was being Executive Chef at Chateau Vaudreuil Hotel and Suites, where I stayed for 5 years”.

Let’s get back to the The Main Kitchen. As I mentioned previously, the dining space was cozy, and even though it was a full house, it didn’t feel crowded.  Better yet, even though is was packed and every table was involved in their own conversation, my dining partner and I didn’t have to yell in order to be heard by each other.

As for the food, unfortunately, I couldn’t possible try every dish on the menu, but I can honestly say that based on the ones I had, I will be back there very soon to try others.  When I asked Tino about the menu he stated “I mainly have Italian Regional influence, but had the fortune to experience different cultural cuisine, so when planning a menu, I like to make it diverse. When planning a menu, I don’t do it alone, it is done with the crew, I give a direction and the crew has an input, I believe it’s the best way and gives (the) best results.”

Their attentive and well-versed Hostess Erin said the same of the menu, and I believe them.

We began with a cold starter, a delectable salmon Tartar. Served with Avocado puree and homemade crostini.

We then moved on to a creamy lobster, mascarpone and avocado risotto and a perfectly balanced duck confit “Philly steak” flatbread with porcini, caramelized onions and chèvre noir.  IT. WAS. SCRUMPTIOUS.

We ended on a sweet note and shared their signature dessert of homemade doughnuts with a chocolate dipping sauce. (Make sure to lick the bowl… I did)

Finally, A big part of my overall experience when dining out is based on the service, ( Because let’s be honest, it’s really the people that make a place, not just the food.)The folks at the Main Kitchen were all friendly, efficient, knowledgeable of all menu items, and on cue.

Given the ambiance, the presentation and taste of the food, I highly recommend you try this place, and then keep going back until you’ve tried everything on the menu. And then you can go back and start all over again! And to end with a great quote that certainly exemplifies his work ethic and passion for his cuisine Tino remarks, “One of the best parts of owning my own resto is the independence, the challenge, and the satisfaction of seeing happy customers giving glory to us for the 100% effort we put in to it.” And Glory it is… For your taste buds and grumbling belly alike.  Do yourself a favour and try it out!

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A: 422 Main Rd., Hudson, Quebec, J0P 1H0

T: 450-202-MAIN(6246)

E: [email protected]