5 Reasons to Hire a Content Writer

Here I outline the top 5 reasons you should outsource content writing if you are a business owner or entrepreneur.

Whatever your business may be – there is no denying that having an active online presence is key for the success and continued growth of your company. Given the important role social media plays in the decision making of your target audience, it should be a “no brainer” aspect of your marketing roadmap.

Content Writing is a task easily outsourced

The constant creation of carefully curated content – do you like that alliteration? 😉 – could be exhausting for a busy business owner like yourself. In fact, you likely can’t even find the time to post a simple Instagram or Facebook post to promote your business, let alone newsletters or email marketing campaigns!

No matter the industry, the products or services you are putting out there for the world (or even just your local community) to see, consistent content creation is the most effective way of boosting your site’s SEO. Thus it should be an integral part of your social media strategy. 

Luckily, content creation, (blogs, newsletters, web page content, e-books etc) is one facet of your marketing strategy that can be easily outsourced; which in turn will allow you more time to spend on the core of your business.  

In Summation, here are the Top 5 reasons to Hire a Content Writer for your Business:

  1. SEO Optimization : Professional content writers will optimize your content for search engines. They can help your website make its way to the top of Google search results by doing the research needed to ensure strategic keywords and Meta Tags are used throughout the text. 
  1. 1st Impressions can make or break you : Whether it’s your “about page”, the text describing your products/services, or even just an Insta Post, it could be your compagny’s first impression to a potential client; it should demonstrate a clear connection to your brand. A professional content writer can ensure that the text is engaging and relevant, while simultaneously increasing organic traffic to your site. Not to mention how they can help you avoid spelling or grammar mistakes that could make your site look unprofessional!
  1. Content. Content. Content! : Your business is evolving and so should your content. After all, there are so many avenues and channels to deliver your brand’s message – a content writer can help you get creative with how and when to get your messaging across. This in turn will help you be more consistent in providing it to your audience! 
  1. Hook Em In! : A great content writer knows how to properly represent your brand’s voice, and knows how to engage with your ideal customers. Using strategic language that resonates with your core audience will help you stand out against your competition. In addition to that, consistent messaging will help with client conversions. 

5. Time is money : As a business owner and entrepreneur, you are already wearing a myriad of hats required for the day to day running of your enterprise. Thus, knowing your limits is key to a winning strategy. Copywriting/ Content writing is an easy choice in the delegation of tasks to an outsourced professional.   

All that being said, it is important to connect with a Content Writer or Copywriter that can articulate your messaging in a manner that is seemless with your brand’s identity. Whichever avenue you pursue, your copywriter/content writer should be an extension of your business, and one that will deliver copy that aligns with your long term goals and objectives.

At ESeguin Marketing, we pride ourselves in taking the time to understand your long terms goals, and to present a written copy that matches the tone of your business.

We hope this blog was informative, and we look forward to reading your comments!

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