Clean Cleaning? Yes!! With Norwex!

Being a mom makes you reconsider a lot of things. In the last 10 years I can honestly say that I have been making a bigger effort to recycle, to eliminate plastic bags, and upcycle

Being a mom makes you reconsider a lot of things. In the last 10 years I can honestly say that I have been making a bigger effort to recycle, to eliminate plastic bags, and upcycle items at home instead of throwing them out. Plus, given what we know about processed foods, chemicals and toxins, I am slowly moving to a more health conscious way of life for myself and my family, but it’s hard. I would love to tell you that I use essential oils, or packageless shampoo and toothpaste, but hey, one step at a time!  

Here is what I CAN tell you. I have been using Norwex products to clean my house (Thanks to the gracious rep of Norwex, Kerri Chambers who has lent them to me) for the past week. I will be completely honest with you, I was pretty skeptical about using only WATER to clean when she first talked to me about them. But at the same time, I was excited to try something that would move me away from the horribly strong scented bleach cleaner I have been using to eliminate bacteria and soap scum from my bathroom, and the lemon scented cleaner in my kitchen. 

I was lucky enough to try a variety of products, and based on my trials, here are the top five that I will definitely be ordering to use and that I seriously recommend; (I am hoping to try even more soon, so stay tuned!!)

  1. The Kitchen Towel and cloth: These ones are no brainers! Usually I end up throwing the drying cloth in the wash after two days, as it gets used for everything from picking up spills to drying “not fully cleaned” kids hands or water drops on the floor. (And let’s be honest, the floors aren’t always sparkling clean…) With the Norwex cloth, its ultra absorbent, and dries quickly. Because of the BaclocⓇ technology, even after a week of use, it smelled fresh and clean. Same thing with the dish cleaning cloth. NO SMELL!! Woot Woot!!
  2. EnviroSponge: I replaced my cheap, disposable yellow and green sponges that I have been buying in bulk from the dollar store. I used it to scrub the spaghetti sauce off the stove, and the grease splattered on the backsplash. I was even able to scrub a pot with it, instead of using a yucky S.O.S pad.   
  3. EnviroCloth: Just like the others, it’s made with microfiber, and the BacLock Antibacterial agent. Basically they have silver embedded within the microfiber, and that is what allows the cloths to self purify as they dry. I used this cloth for everything! Washing windows, walls, counters, staircase, doorknobs… everything!
  4. Window Cloth: This one offers a streak free shine to windows, mirrors and stainless steel appliances! I used to use a smelly, chemical foam to clean my appliances, and to remove the fingerprints. I was able to get them super shiny and streak free with the Envirocloth and window cloth. My 13 year old even cleaned his windows and patio door with it, and even he was amazed that it worked so well with JUST WATER! 
  5. Kitchen Scrub Cloth, Netted Dish cloth and Chenille Hand towel : Ok to technically these are three separate products but I didn’t want to do more than five or else this blog would just go on and on.  The scrub cloth ( supposed to be for the kitchen but my hubby used it for the sinks and counter in the bathroom, and they worked GREAT) it was also great for a dried piece of banana on the counter that didn’t want to come off with just a cloth.. Hehe… come on.. We ALL have the dried food on there. Dried banana is the WORST isn’t it? Anyway.. This cloth did the trick 🙂 I used the netted cloth to wash up the dishes, along with the Kitchen cloth, it was just easier to use and easy to dry. And the Chenille hand towel is a game changer. My kids’ bathroom will get a few of those, as we ALL know that kids may not ALWAYS fully wash their hands in there, passing along yucky bacteria or viruses along to each other. I think I will truly appreciate these in the winter. 

I could probably go on and on about these products, but I think you should try them for yourself. I promise you will have zero regrets. They are literally the best thing since sliced bread.. Ok along with the dishwasher, wine bottles with a screw top, and microwave popcorn. Quick side note, I tried the dishwasher soap and it worked really well! I definitely recommend that one too if you want to move away from chemicals on your dishes! 

Finally, when you love something this much you want to share it with your friends and family! That’s why I am going to throw a Norwex party on October 18th. (click on the link to order products now!) If you live in the area, you are welcome to come. Send me a message and I will give you the details or send you an invite! There will be live demo’s, more info on other products I didn’t mention, and of course some snacks. If you can’t make it in person, we will also have a Facebook live, and a party link so you can order what you’d like online.   Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy.. Yup I just said that.. Please don’t hold it against me… 

Have you used Norwex? Leave your comments below! Want to know more? Send me a message and I’ll hook you up with the rep or invite you to my upcoming party! You can also contact Kerri directly – see her info below! Cleaning will never be the same again, and if ANYTHING in this world needed an improvement, it was definitely THAT!!  

Kerri Chambers
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