Spotlight on POP Culture

This Spotlight features a local businesswoman keeping it cool in the burbs.   If you live in and/or around Montreal, you have probably heard about the quaint little town of Hudson. The weeping willows, stone

This Spotlight features a local businesswoman keeping it cool in the burbs.


If you live in and/or around Montreal, you have probably heard about the quaint little town of Hudson. The weeping willows, stone walled manors, summer markets and signature cafe boutiques are amongst  the myriad reasons to spend your next Saturday and/or Sunday in this little part of the world. I am lucky enough to live in a neighbouring town, and I am hoping to introduce you to many of the little shops situated here throughout the summer. But for now, let’s continue with today’s Spotlight: POP Culture.

Julia Schroeder is the woman behind this refreshingly delicious  gourmet popsicle treat shop in Hudson. She and her family have been a part of this town for over 20 years, and although she has volunteered at various places throughout the years, she’s still active at the War Memorial Library. GIven her love for this town, it only made sense to her to settle her shop here too.

Situated right in the heart of this little town, her new brick and mortar location is one that will have locals and visitors reminiscing about their childhood days.

Whether you want to pop in for a quick treat, place an order for a gang, bring some to an upcoming party or hire them to serve pops at your corporate event, she has over thirty flavours to choose from.

There is sure to be one to suit your palate, craving, or sweet tooth! I recently tried the Gin and Tonic flavour, as I was intrigued on how it would taste... it was so refreshing!  And I didn’t even feel guilty that it was before noon.. hehe

Have a seat in the bright, modern space and take a moment to chill out..and bring a friend.  If you happen to be walking buy with your dog, she has two popsicle flavours made especially for our furry friends! When I popped in last week, there happened to be a few customers with dogs, and this little pup was enjoying the sweet potatoes and green beans. There’s also an option made from yogurt, bananas, and blueberries. Both have a carrot stick instead of a wooden stick so a dog can just gobble it up without issues!! No complaints there! 

Homemade style popsicles have a way of jogging your memory. Back before Freezies and Blizzards were so easily accessible, moms offered their kids homemade frozen treats.

I remember sitting on a towel in our driveway with my sister, slurping on our popsicles, watching the ants fight over the drops that dribbled down our hands and arms into the dirt. POP Culture, with its sweet and savoury flavours and , pet friendly front porch,  will have you reminiscing too..

Julia’s entrepreneurial journey began over 7 years ago. When it came to summer treats, she wanted to feed her two sons real food, and this I can completely understand.  Who wants to give a toddler a Freezie? That stuff is highly processed sugar and water and offers zero nutritional value.. No thanks!

She always considered herself a foodie and so she combined her love of cooking to this idea. She says “After a winter of cooking experimentation, I brought some pops to a party at a friends house. The enthusiasm for the treats encouraged me to make a go of pops as a business. The whole process has been profoundly humbling.  The joy of feeding people never gets old. I am extremely grateful to every person who’s purchased a popsicle with us. Their loyalty is noted. It all makes a difference to our business (and family).. and we will continue to try to delight.”

Asked about her core values and what she had hoped to achieve with her business she said “ to bring joy and pleasure to others; to work hard but not consider it work, to source the best fruit (organic and local when possible), to collaborate with other businesses for mutual benefit and deepen our relationships. To maintain our integrity and honesty. To make the pops as accessible as possible. To have FUN! To only take inspired action.”

Having experienced her little shop, and seeing the ads for POP Culture in other local boutiques, I think she has indeed been successful with those goals!

Think outside the cone this summer when you are looking for a refreshing cooldown, these gourmet popsicles will satisfy any palate and can be found in many places in and around Montreal.

Where can you get your hands ( or paws.. Let’s not forget our furry buddy’s) on these delicious delights?

Please see below for all the locations that hold their products, and think of them for your parties, BBQ’s,  or corporate events!!



Saturdays They're at Finnegan's Market and Marche Sainte Anne.

Marché Sainte-Anne


Locations carrying their gourmet popsicles:

Airbnb -Luxury Retreats (Montreal Office)

Hanzo Izakaya (Vieux Port)

Escondite (Laval)

Escondite (Vieux Port)

le Watson (Petite Italie, Montreal)

STATION 210 BOUTIQUE & CAFFÈ (Saint-André-d'Argenteuil)

Kanehsatake CrossFit

La Moisson Supermarche Sante

Beau’s All Natural Brewery

Escondite (Drummond, Montreal)

Escondite (Union, Montreal)

Biiru (City Councillors, Montreal)

La Habanera Cafe Cubano(Union)

Koa Lua (Sainte Catherine, Montreal)

Koa Lua (Union)

Indigo Books Cafe (rue Ste. Catherine, Montreal)

Restaurant MAIS (Mile End, Montreal)

Le Marche des Saveurs du Quebec (Jean Talon Market, Montreal)

Le Virage Campus (Outremont/Universite de Montreal)

Bref! @ Mural Fest

Archibald & Alistair (Verdun, Montreal)

The Table Vegetarian Restaurant (Ottawa, Ontario)

Creperie Beurre Sale (Aylmer)

IGA (Hudson)

Centre Culturel Le Chenail (Hawksbury)

Rachelle-Bery (Vaudreuil)

IGA (St. Lazare)

Quinn Farm (Ile Perot)

Mikko espresso (Hudson)