Spotlight for Foodies..coming soon!

How many new restaurants do you try a year? One or two? Maybe three? Let’s be honest.. we are all creatures of habit. (Although I am sure there are a select few of you that

How many new restaurants do you try a year? One or two? Maybe three? Let’s be honest.. we are all creatures of habit. (Although I am sure there are a select few of you that are “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of people that blindly try new restaurants, and for that I am slightly envious) But.. Most of us end up stuck in a rotation of the same four or five different restaurants.. Why? Because they are familiar.. We know what to expect.. We know the menu and maybe even the people. It’s an easy decision, and one that can be made quicker than scouring the Yelp reviews while at the same time scrolling through the pages of menu’s available online. I do have One friend that is constantly trying new places and living new experiences, and I follow her religiously on instagram, living vicariously through her. Most of her choices are places in Downtown Montreal, so I am happy to watch her experience through pictures, while I am comfortably tucked in bed in my pyjamas ( at 9 pm..hehe) Although we are only about an hour away from Downtown, typically we stick to our little corner of the world. I am sure that our suburban communities have many different options where we could wine and dine..we just choose to keep to the same favourites every time we go out..

Actually, a few years ago I made a New Year’s resolution to try new restaurants. And like many resolutions.. it lasted until May and I think all in all we tried two new places.. and we consistently go back to one of those now.. What can I say, we are loyal to our tried and true.

So here is my pledge to you all.. ( drumbeat starts) I.. will scope out new places.. ( Can you hear the triumphant music playing in the background??) I.. will venture out into the unknown..I will take one for the team and will sample, sip, feast even! and I will blog about them. That way YOU can learn more about the hidden – and maybe not so hidden but you’ve never gone or heard about – eateries in our communities.. and maybe, just maybe… you will want to go too.

So what makes me qualified to review these places for you? Well besides being an avid cook myself, I was once told from a Sommelier in Australia that I have a very mature palate! So if that combination doesn’t make me a pro.. I don’t know what does!! Hehe..  All kidding aside, I have always considered myself a bona fide foodie, so really it was an inevitable progression to Spotlight local restaurants that I have had the pleasure to visit for a meal or drink..

In any case,  my goal is to detail my experience to better inform you on these local gems in our communities, and for you and I, to try new places we may not have known about before. Bon Appetit!

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  1. Looking forward to your reviews. I am one of those people that trys new places and there are many right here in our little corner that are worthy!

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