The Joy is in Giving…

Call me sentimental, or even idealistic, but I do believe that we (as in regular human beings) all want to help those in need, whichever way we can. I also think that in the hustle

Call me sentimental, or even idealistic, but I do believe that we (as in regular human beings) all want to help those in need, whichever way we can. I also think that in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we sometimes forget how fortunate we are. And that we should be thankful…for so much.  Forget the fact that most of us have roofs over our heads, clothes to wear and food to eat (and luxuries like clean running water from our taps!) If we really look at what’s important, it’s our health. Without that, nothing else would matter. Simply put, we take it for granted. I know I have… and it made me think about how I can help those that aren’t as fortunate. I”ll get to that in a bit, but first there are some folks that I think deserve some virtual applause. 

Like most of you, I am sure, I spend a few minutes every night (before giving in to sleep- clearly fighting my eyelids so that I can get just a FEW minutes of brainless activity time) on my phone scrolling through Facebook or Inta…Through these various Social Media platforms, I am seeing some great examples of selflessness, generosity and philanthropic activities by various groups and individuals, and it truly warms my heart. I’d like to give a shout out to Alana Edwards – who put together a program called “Be a Santa to a senior”!  This lady is the embodiment of the saying “ One person CAN make a difference” You can read more about what she is doing in the West Island here,

My pal Jennifer Adams a local Younique presenter and mom of two, did three full grocery orders for local families in need through a program run by the local High School, Kerri Chambers Fugere (another local businesswoman – check out her Norwex page here) is making sandwiches and bringing warm clothing to the homeless in Montreal for the 4th year in a row, with her husband and kids.  These are just a few examples, I know of personally, and I am sure you all know many more folks out there, doing what they can to help another fellow human out. Tag them here, as everyone deserves recognition for making the world a better place!   

All that being said, this year, my dear readers, I am hoping you will join me in my efforts to raise funds for a wonderful cause; The 12 days of Starlight. 

Within the past few weeks, I have been listening to the local radio station, and I have to be honest – was nearly brought to tears, many times- over their coverage of the Starlight Foundation, and those that benefit from it at our own Montreal Children’s Hospital. I heard a local mom, talking about her experience with this Foundation, and how much it has positively impacted , not just her son’s life, but her whole family’s. I follow this women’s journey, and am continuously in awe of her strength and tenacity. Some of you may know Megan Kirby and her son Liam, and if you don’t – you can check out their story on the 12 Days of Starlight webpage. Because of her experience with the foundation, she was asked to talk about it, and I happened to be listening that day. And even though I am not part of their everyday lives, I am overcome with joy just knowing that I can be a small part of what can help make little Liam smile.

As I type this, I am knocking on wood (literally as I am ridiculously superstitious), that our family’s occasional visits to the Children’s Hospital were, for the most part and in honest comparison to other families, for fairly mild causes. To say that we are blessed, would be putting it mildly. However, should I ever need to go to the children’s for a more serious cause, I hope I can muster half the strength that I see in Megan and her family. 

In any case, hearing what this foundation does for kids in hospital, and for their families, moved me to the point of wanting to do everything I can to help it continue with its phenomenal efforts. No family should have to experience a child suffering, but unfortunately, this is a reality for far too many Canadian families. I am sure we all know a family that has lived through, or continues to experience unimaginable ordeals, and contributing to the Starlight Foundation will help make those moments seem just a little bit better, especially this time of year! 

Here is a small snippet from their site about them;

 “Starlight Children’s Foundation® Canada has been dedicated to brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families for over 30 years. Focusing on the family as a whole, our mission is to bring joy, laughter, relief and a whole lot of smiles. Our large variety of in-hospital and outpatient programs help bring back some strength, hope and lost childhood by being that reliable and shining star in a dark and stormy sky.”

Below is a quick snapshot of what is written on their site – so you can learn more about what they do, and access the links to be able to donate

If you donate through my Webpage for this cause, I will personally reward you.

For every $10 donation, your business will get a mention on my blog, and for every $100 donation, you will get a blog post about your business and a tag on my Instagram!

Based on the information on their website, the foundation has set themselves a goal of reaching $100,000 and I am hoping we can all help make that happen!

If you would like to be anonymous- you can go through the Foundations website. Here is a small portion from their website;

“Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada is proud to present our signature holiday fundraising event, now in its 12th year! For over a decade, Quebecers have helped us raise over $1.3 million for seriously ill children and their families. We hope you continue to give generously this year too! Whether you’re donating money or an amazing prize for our prize pool, your kindness will bring joy, laughter and hope to ill children in your local community. Just what the doctor ordered this season! For each $10 donation, your name is entered in the prize pool draw. You can easily donate online today by clicking on the ornament of your choice or call us at 450-700-1212 to make your donation by phone.

Look out for our daily emails and Facebook or Twitter posts for updates, announcements and stories about the seriously ill children that you are helping.

Click here to see the complete prize list for 12 Days of Starlight!

If you can’t donate to this cause, then find another way to spread joy. Fill your cup this season by helping to fill someone else’s. (Maybe a prepaid Tim Hortons order for the car behind you?) 

 Giving, whether through your time, donations, or even a hug or a kind word to someone who may need it, is not only good for the recipient, but good for the souls of all those involved.

XO Lilly


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